An open source poker solver developed by the Zenith Poker community.

Open Source

ZippySolver is entirely open source. If you are a developer, you can download the source code for free from GitHub and compile it yourself.

Advanced Algorithms

We make use of cutting-edge algorithms and abstraction techniques to minimize compute time and memory requirements.

Feature Rich

Features are added to the user interface based on demand from the community. New features are continually added and improved.

Our Roadmap

ZippySolver has one simple vision: to build the world’s most advanced open source poker solver.

Q1 2021


Our super-fast Nash equilibrium solver that is compatible with PioViewer. The algorithm that we have chosen is 3-10 times faster than PioSolver and GTOplus.

Q1 2021
Q3 2021


A feature-rich Universal Poker Interface for ZippyEngine. It will be compatible with PioSolver and other Nash equilibrium engines. This will be released for free.

Q3 2021
Q1 2022


A postflop solver for multiway pots. Input preflop ranges from multiple players (including folding ranges) to output a multiway solution.

Q1 2022
Q3 2022


Our complete preflop solver. The algorithm that we have chosen is much faster than Monkersolver.

Q3 2022
Q1 2023


Solve on-the-go with our mobile application. You will have the option to let Zenith Poker solve your tree with cloud computing.

Q1 2023
Q3 2023


Create and train your own AI to play in different poker environments. Your AI will grow and become stronger the more you use it.

Q3 2023

Contribute to ZippySolver

This project is entirely funded and built by members of the Zenith Poker community. If you would like to contribute to the project, there are many options for you to do so.

Join the Developers

Know how to code? Have some spare time to devote to a side project? Keen to do some bounty hunting? We would love to have you onboard!

Become a Beta Tester

Have your say in the user experience by purchasing Beta Access. You get early beta access to ZippyEngine and ZippyViewer and become a valuable part of the development process.

Preorder ZippyEngine

Help fund the development of ZippySolver by placing an order for the stable release version of ZippyEngine.

Become a VIP

Give your full support to ZippySolver by purchasing VIP access. This will give you full beta access to all products related to the ZippySolver project.