Live Cash Elites

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Join a private group of Elite Live Cash game professionals. 80% of the funds are dedicated to hiring servers to run large preflop 9max and 10max simulations with various parameters. Exploitative simulations are also run. Zenith Poker takes a 20% fee for the expertise and time needed to create the simulations.

Warning: This product is not for recreational or online players. If you do not make a living playing live poker then do not buy.

PayPal accepted for a 10% fee. Message Thomas Pinnock on Facebook for more details.

Sims currently being run:

GTO 9max Straddle Sim
9max 1/2/4 (0) 600, no rake
No limping from the field
2bet MIN,50% – only BU,SB,BB,ST can call
3bet-IP 50%,75%,100% – 2way only
3bet-OOP 100%,150%,200%,250% – max 3way postflop
4bet MIN,50%,75%,100%,AI – 2way only
5bet MIN,AI – 2way only

Exploitative 9max Straddle Sim
6 GTO players with 3 Fish
The 3 Fish are handicapped and must play at least 25% of hands against an open, or open at least 25% of hands themselves.
9max 1/2/4 (0) 600, no rake
No limping from the field
2bet 3x – Fish can call, GTO players in BU,SB,BB,ST can call, otherwise 3bet/fold
3bet-IP 3x – max 3way postflop
3bet-OOP 4x – max 3way postflop
4bet 2x – 2way only
5bet AI