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Why Use Game Theory?

Coaching Packages

Hourly Coaching

$150 AUD | $120 USD | 1.69 LTC

Coaching paid at an hourly rate. Times are flexible.

Database Review

$650 AUD | $520 USD | 7.36 LTC

I analyze 10k of your online hands for leaks and we discuss them over five 1hr lessons.

Long Term Packages

Price negotiable

Regular coaching at a discounted price. Places are limited.

Student Perks

Preflop Matrices

Free for current students

Hundreds of preflop charts covering almost every spot under the sun. Never make a preflop mistake again!

Foundations of NLHE Course

Free for current students

With over 20 hours of video content, this course sets you on the journey to become a poker pro. Not sold separately.

Zenith Poker Forums

Free for current students

Discuss poker strategy with other students. Post your hand histories and get quick feedback.

Payment Methods

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