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Learning new skills is always easier in groups. Zenith Poker has a Facebook group you can join for free to discuss poker strategy, connect with mentors, and get exclusive teaching from more experienced players.

Zenith Poker Facebook Group

Open Teaching Sessions

On a regular basis, one of the more experienced members of the Facebook group will run a teaching session or seminar for the group. The teaching will discuss some key concepts and look at some example hand histories. The topic of teaching will be different each time. All members are welcome to join the session and ask questions.

Closed Group Tutorials

To complement the OTS program, there will also be small group tutorials run on a regular basis. These tutorials will cover common topics to ensure everyone is on the same page as to what the best plays are. These tutorials are closed, so in order to join one you will have to show an expression of interest in the Facebook group. There will be 5-6 students in each tutorial. Not all of the tutorials will be recorded, so it’s a good idea you try to attend some.