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Zenith Poker offers the gold standard in poker training resources. As many have found, game theory optimal concepts are necessary to become a tough player and move up in stakes. Zenith provides extensive, in-depth materials on GTO concepts, along with preflop ranges, group training sessions, and a community that allows you to connect with other players looking to improve. Unlike some courses, Zenith does not promise to make you the world’s toughest reg by tomorrow. Zenith provides material to help players understand many underlying GTO concepts and allow them to implement them to their game to make their game unexploitable and tough to play against, regardless of your opponent’s skill level. My game has transformed entirely and I consistently feel that I’m the toughest player at the table. I went from losing at 10 NL to crushing 200 NLz. And yes, it really is free.

— Josh L., USA

Josh after finding Zenith Poker

Zenith follows a school/university like approach to teach. Every concept is systematically introduced like a university course, discussed in conference calls, meetings, and the strong community on Facebook, tested through weekly quizzes and finally, results are verified by up-to-date poker study tools like solvers (GTO+ and Monker) and simple math.

Zenith starts with insightful and basic game theory concepts and slowly digs toward very advanced GTO facts so every level of experience can benefit from the lessons. The great thing about Zenith is that it also provides the best exploitive adjustments derived from GTO to maximize the profit.

It is absolutely free — this reason by its own should convince you to join and try Zenith. It never hurts!

— Nariman R., USA

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